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Top quality handmade rugs to add beauty to your home

Merchants of Asia has earned a great reputation for creating unique and artistic handmade rugs. You can pick beautiful hand knotted rugs for your home and office to add beauty and elegance to the space. Our company excels in providing high quality handmade rugs of different styles and designs to enhance any room.

Being an expert company with several years of experience in the industry, we have delivered exceptional rugs of different types that will mesmerize you and the onlookers. The handpicked handmade rugs enhance the aesthetic appeal of your premises. As we supply high quality hand knotted Persian rugs at affordable prices, we are a trusted choice of many clients across the globe.

Why choose us for handmade rugs?

  • 100% authentic handmade rugs
  • Finest quality hand knotted rugs
  • Thousands of unique designs
  • Expert designers and decorators
  • Lowest price guaranteed

Our superior quality handmade rugs bring style and colors to your life. We provide close-up photos for all the products so that the clients can choose the best handmade rugs according to their choice and preferences. We also offer custom and tailor-made rugs according to the clients’ specific requirements.

Being backed up with a team of professional designers and decorators, we design the best hand knotted rugs that add beauty to any surroundings. The clients rely on us for top quality rugs that last for years together. No matter what your requirements may be, we will deliver the best products and customer service to match the exact needs and budget. Have a look at the latest designs and pick the best design for your office or home.