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Rug Cleaning and Washing Process

At Merchants of asia, our professional and experienced  rug cleaning department  use their knowledge to select the right treatment and care required to clean your rug and determine its fiber content and types of dirt/staining.We are Oriental and Area rug specialist in Cleaning,Repairing and restoration of all kinds of rugs.

1)Before beginning any cleaning, our team inspects the rug for any tears or damage which could be exacerbated by the cleaning process. Any necessary repairs are done to restore the integrity of the rug.
2)The piece is dusted, using a state-of-the-art dusting machine to loosen and remove any particles from the interior and surface of the rug.
3)The rug is submerged in fresh water mixed with a specifically formulated solution to ensure the dyes are unharmed. We take added care when handling fine collector pieces or antiques. Hand-brush methods are used to preserve the delicate structure and pile of the rug.
4)After a final rinse, the rug is hung in a specialized drying room, which features a controlled climate and combination of fans to allow for quick, clean drying.
5)After the main body of the rug is clean, our experts meticulously clean the fringe, restoring it to its original color and luster.

Urine Treatment – If required, your rug will be treated for urine and the PH will be stabilized before immersion cleaning. Keep in mind that while the odor is typically easier to remove, pet stains and the resulting damage is often irreversible.
Spotting – Once the rug has completed it’s bath, we will examine the rug and perform spotting as necessary to complete the cleaning.
Rinsing - The remaining soap, contaminants and particles are removed safely, gently and completely.
Drying –  We will then hang your rug overnight to complete the drying process . We also test y our rug to ensure that no bacteria has been allowed to reenter your rug during drying.

Our Cleaning/Repairing services include
• Rug Cleaning, Repair and Restoration
• Spot and Stain Removal
• Custom Fit Padding
• Rug Re-Weaving
• Water Damage Restoration
• Color Bleeding
• Moth Damage
• Pet & Urine Damage Restoration
• Hole Patching
• Fringes repair/restoration
• Repair of Slits, Rips, and Tears
• Re-Warp Binding on Sides

Rug Repair and Restoration

At Merchants of Asia our professional repairman will repair all kinds of rugs such as  Oriental, Navajo, Tibetan,  Persian rugs and kilims Arbidil, Baluch, Esfahan, Heriz, Isfahan, Sarook, Sarough, Shiraz, Tabriz, Kerman, Nain, Hamadon, Prayer rugs, Chinese, Oriental, Tibetan, Turkish, and European rugs and carpets .Also rugs from India,Nepal,Pakistan and China.
Repairing and restoring fine rugs is our job but it’s also what we love to do. This mean you can rest easy, knowing that your rug is in good experience hands.
Over the years, the state of your fine rug can deteriorate, regardless of the care you put into it.  This means rug repair is needed.
We will then decide on the appropriate repairing and restoration method, ensuring that when your rug is returned to you it will be in the the best possible condition.
Our goal in every repair is  to restore a carpet to sound condition, while preserving the  character and value of the fine work of art. Our skilled, professional weavers will perform the techniques necessary to restore your rug to its original condition. We repair holes or tears in the edges and body, replace pile where it has worn away, as well as other forms of restoration. This may include backing, re-weaving and supporting areas of worn pile.
We also specialize in restoring fringes and binding to any kind of rug.
Our techineques are very specialized and detailed.
Please mention MOA website to receive 20% discount an all services.
Rest assured, your rug can be brought back to life for you to enjoy your investment for years to come.We pick-up and deliver anywhere in the New Jersey metro area for a nominal charge.

Rug Padding/Essential to long life and durability

At Merchants of Asia it is our goal to see that you enjoy your investment and cherish your rug for as long as possible. Professional rug padding  keeps your rug from slipping and offers protection from long-term damage, whether rugs are placed over hard-surface flooring, like tile or wood, or soft flooring, like wall-to-wall carpet. With the proper underlay, the fibers and individual knots of your antique or new rug will be protected against excessive friction/rubbing, which over time could damage the weave unnecessarily.
Additionally, occasional problems can occur when foreign liquids drop onto your carpet (alcohol, chemical cleaning liquids, nail polish remover and the like). Rug padding serves as an added barrier, protecting the flooring under your rug from further damage.
We carry variety of Padding from all kind of specialized brands for  your rug.We carry brands like Grip-it,Super Stop, Durahold etc.

Oriental/Handmade Rug Appraisal

Our Collectable Oriental rugs: Persian, Caucasian, Chinese, and European 
The values of these are determined by their quality, size, age,knot count and condition.Best way to give an appraisal is to see the rug in person and from the prospective of diffrent values provide an estimate value of the rug.The rugs can be appraised for variety of reasons.
Appraisals from Photographs: If this is impractical, we can work from photographs. Two or three shots and a close-up are usually sufficient.
Minimum fee is $150 each.Risk Free Consultation.

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We are convienentaly located in Central New Jersey.
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